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30 July 2012 - Mission success!


Rather than describing the day ... a picture says a thousand words...
Click on the images below to see the full pictures

What a sight seeing the course packed with new players on Saturday. Thanks to all those who helped make the day a success. The length of our thank you list shows what a great team effort it was

  • Leigh, Ryan, Graeme, Hilton, Victor, Mal, Gavin, Sylwia, Loic, Lionel S and Brad for being coaches on the day
  • Barra Resorts (Carrie & Maureen) who took all the pressure off us supplying a great Lunch
  • Bill from "Billy's Boerewors", who not only supplied the meat, but cooked it to perfection
  • Gavin and Leigh from Cartrack who supplied the awesome giftpacks
  • Bill and Carrie who helped fill those gift packs even further.
  • Nikki for taking ownership of tournament admin, Felicity helping her out
  • Henk from John Orr, being so enthusiastic (looks like we have another Disc golf addict)
  • Shirley from 'Spirit of riding' for all the valuable advice and contacts
  • Loic, Nikki, Marts, Hilton, Shirley and Felicity for donating individual player prizes
  • Andrew from Bigmouth studios for the disc donations and PA system
  • Hilton for lugging the baskets to the course and back
  • Riverstone water for the bottomless bottled water for the day
  • Geoff for being our photgrapher
  • The kids , their enthusiasm and behaviour was awesome, John Orr can be very proud!

Our measure for success was the smiles on the kids faces ... we did it :)
We will upload a full photo gallery in the week with all the action shots from the day

20 June - Great Day out, SA Open... its all happening

While the PDGA Worlds currently taking place in Charlotte seems to be taking the sport to a new level internationally (14 courses over a 5 day tournament, ahhhh some day), we here on the tip of Africa are doing our bit.

The Great Day Out is only 8 days away. All the arrangements are coming together, cant wait.

The SA Open is taking place on Sunday the 5th August.

This year SADGA are hosting a full day Open Championship tournament in Royal Delta Park. The format will be two rounds of stroke play, with both rounds counting towards the final result. The first round will be held on the old course with a random draw determining the field, the second round with be on the new course with a field sorted according to score.

Registration starts from 9am at the Environmental Center with the draw being called at 9:45. The first round will t-off at 10am sharp.
You are welcome to encourage non-players to join us for lunch, please let us know in advance how many guests you expect so we can cater adequately. Click here to mail us

Season 4 of DGLeague starts early August
We continue to play socially in the off season. Contact us to join in the fun.

26 June 2012 - Players pull out all the stops for trophies

Season 3 has come to an end and climaxed really nicely on the last Sunday of the Autumn 2012 season.
Ryan needed excellent golf to make up the gap with Brad for 1st place and obliged with an -7 in the morning round.
Brad though shot a -5, which meant Ryan would have to beat him by 5 shots in the late round on the new course to take the title.
Brad triumphed shooting a -1 to Ryans par round.

The battle for 3rd place was won by a single shot over the entire season. Andrew birdied the 18th to go one under in the early round which was enough to squeeze past Lionel S and Malcolm by an average 0.1 over the season.

We have the end of season braai on Sunday, it will be preceeded by a round at 10 AM on the new course.

Top 10 for season 3 - Autumn 2012

Pos Name New courseOld CourseTotal
1 Brad Smith 52.0 (5) 50.0 (5) 51.0 (10)
2 Ryan Males 53.4 (5) 49.6 (5) 51.5 (10)
3 Andrew Sutherland 55.0 (5) 53.2 (5) 54.1 (10)
4 Malcolm Hogg 54.6 (5) 53.8 (5) 54.2 (10)
4 Lionel Spilkin 55.4 (5) 53.0 (5) 54.2 (10)
6 Marc Lewis 55.0 (5) 55.0 (5) 55.0 (10)
7 Nic van Niekerk 58.8 (5) 58.8 (5) 58.8 (10)
8 Victor Bongers 65.8 (5) 62.8 (5) 64.3 (10)
9 Geoff Human 65.8 (5) 63.0 (5) 64.4 (10)
10 Graeme Sutherland 67.4 (5) 65.4 (5) 66.4 (10)

22 June 2012 - Final weekend of season 3. Its down to the wire

With the final 2 games taking place this weekend none of the top 3 places are guaranteed. Brad is in poll position to take first place, but Ryan can catch him with 2 great rounds.
The battle for 3rd place is really hot with Malcolm, Andrew S, Lionel S & Marc L all in with a chance of taking it with a good performance on Sunday, it really could come down to 1 putt to pick up that trophy.

On the 1st JULY we will be having a fun day / social game and bring and braai at the picnic area next to new course. Trophies for the season as well as some spot prizes will be handed out. Everyone is welcome to come. Bring friends & family!

The Great Day Out is really growing into something special. Everything is more or less finalised, with the event get cooler by the week with everyones ideas and contributions.. 5 weeks to go!

28 May 2012 - 10,9,8,7,6,5...

Brad got an ace on the old course #9 yesterday. He also tops the table at present. Him and Ryan's battle for top spot should climax nicely as the season closes

There is also a fierce battle for 3rd spot with a couple of players in the running

We also have an additional basket that has been installed on the new course, the looooong uphill hole into the corner

This Sunday we are having a meeting for the Great Day Out with all interested parties. It will take place on Sunday 3rd of July at 11H30 in the morning, at the picnic tables behind the environmental centre. All are welcome to attend

Only 4 weeks of season 3 left!

17 May 2012 - Disc golfer hippies? Never!

Disc golf is an environmentally friendly sport
No specialised watering/mowing required

Lets do even more!
Remember when coming to play, bring your paper, plastic, glass etc for the recycle bins.
(Now situated in the parking lot at Delta park)

9 May 2012 - Discs have arrived

We have 7 weeks of disc golf left for this league season, now is the time to get those great scores.

There is an important rule change regarding breaking branches: You may break branches less than 1.8 metres in height WITHIN 10 METRES of the target.
This is to help with course maintenance around the baskets/targets.

The disc's have arrived from discraft. If you have paid , you can place your disc order. ESP Buzzz's and Avengers are still available for sale, place an order with Andrew

Check out the stock here

23 April 2012 - New frontiers

The Great Day Out is happening on the 28th of July. As a sport we are growing at a nice organic rate and for now we are pouring our resources into community service, hosting a disc golf day for 40 underprivileged kids.

This is the new website (still under construction), a new layout which will allow us to nicely slot in new features. Content will be added in the coming weeks, please contribute any ideas that you may have... and any bugs you find.

Otherwise league is going along nicely, lets see if with the falling leaves we can drop those scores for the second half of the season

14 February 2012 - Season 3 Updates

Hey All, Season 3 (Autumn 2012) is under way and the first few games have been great.
Please check out the updated Guidelines as there is important info there which you should know about.
The latest tables have been updated as well as Player Stats for Season 3.


30 January 2012 - Season 3 about to kick off

League commences from this Sunday, check out the Guidelines. for any news, sure Andrew will update the page with additional info throughout the week.
Remember Swinburne is coming up at the end of the month! An awesome oppurtunity to get away from the rat race. We will be setting up a temporary course in the foothills of the Drakensberg.
Various levels of accomodation from camping to chalets are available. we can also car pool, so it wont cut into your disc buying budget to much.
Contact info@sadga.org.za with any questions. Cant wait!
Tristan is missing an island style bag with 5 discs he borrowed to a noobie. If you know of its whereabouts please contact him/us.
Nice to see many new players yesterday, welcome guys.

27 January 2012 - We have madmen in our midst!

A running disc golf experiment by Lionel and Nick L

Running Disc Golf? No way.

Where is the leisurely stroll and peaceful non sticky male bonding, discussions on flight characteristics of various discs, sipping from your beer, calm visualisation of your next drive, arguments over who goes first? Dudes I know It sounds like an abomination! But consider this. What if you are in training for a nationals frisbee tournament and you have to run? Never mind tournaments, what if you want to get fit? Would you rather jog along doing nothing or throw a disc and run? It's a no brainer.

Nick Langley and I met to try it out yesterday, what an experience, it was hilarious, enervating, joyful, we both agreed that we had so much fun that we never want to go on a normal run again! We also considered that when we get fitter we can foresee the time when we will be doing 36 holes in under an hour. We are thinking about a fun way of making it competitive, playing the shots you take up against the time you take.

Let me describe it.

6 PM- Orange light, pretty sky, We teed off alternately, Nick went wide and I landed 20 metres from the basket, We started running simultaneously disc or two in each hand and no other baggage, due to my more direct drive I pulled ahead and parred after a good approach, immediately breaking into a run for the next T,.Nick bogeyed behind me but was hot on my heels, at the T I dropped my discs and drove for basket number two, realising that the time taken to finish watching the flight of the disc and then picking up the discs had allowed Nick to catch up. Clearly if you throw properly you run less and are quicker to reach the basket. I took off like a baited hare but peeled off to the right when Nick bellowed "FORE" I needn't have worried, he put a perfect forehand drive just behind the tree. (we agreed later that if you hit your fellow player you lose the game). It was at that point I realised how important it was to mark your disk properly as I lost precious seconds searching for it - I parred and he bogied again but we were neck and neck. This time we both drove almost simultaneously for basket 3 but I kept my disks in hand and ran the moment I was finished, Nick turned to pick up his discs and I gained a few meters which I badly needed due to the fact that he is fitter than me(but not prettier).

At T 3 we both looked at each other and the words fun, awesome were used in between some heavy breathing which was caused by the exertion and not the fact that we were looking at each other, the fun was magnified for me by a good drive and a birdie put, Nick bogeyed sitting at plus three. heh heh. the long hole four saw him bogey again and I parred but he had pulled ahead, I birdied the short hole for what was a great start, wow, minus two and Nick was on plus three, loser. That's when it all started to go wrong for me, by hole 10 I was two over and he was getting the occasional birdie, he also seemed to be graciously waiting for the panting old man to catch up. By hole 17 we were neck and neck but Nick bogeyed on 18 so I pipped him at the post but he was definitely faster than me. We ran back to the car to check the time, less than half an hour, there was still light enough to do another 18 holes, NOT.....yet.

Thanks Nick for being so gung ho and such a flying disc enthusiast. My first running disc golf experience will never be forgotten. F*ck yeah! the next running DG session is next tuesday 5.45 PM, and then the next Thursday at the same time. Come train with us! Oh.. see you on Sunday morning for a "normal" round. Look forward to it.
Regards Lionel

17 January 2012 - Fore!

The league will resume on Sunday 5 February. We will have 2 games taking place per Sunday: Morning game at 9AM, and a late game.
The full schedule can be found here.
Rules and formats will be finalised this week, which we will post up on the site.
We continue to toss plastic at Delta park every Sunday until league begins, contact us if you want to play.
Thanks to Brad and Spilkin for leading the charge in getting additional baskets put up. Ka-ching!

20 December 2011 - We just cant get enough

Regular games are being played through the holidays, just contact us if you wanna play.

28 November 2011 - A Successful second season comes to a close

Yesterday we wrapped up our second season with the Rocktober tournament. Thanks to Malcolm for the awesome new floating trophies
Final league standings
1. Ryan Males
2. Brad Smith
3. Lionel Spilkin

Most improved for the season: Lionel Lurie
Best new player: Anton Engelen
All league finishers received certificates for their efforts.
A huge thank you to Andrew Sutherland for doing all the scores and stats over the season, great job!
Thanks to Hilton for putting together a great tournament yesterday. Difficult windy conditions saw Ryan taking home the trophy with a par round.

We will continue playing on Sundays through December and early Jan (we will inform you of times on the mailing list, or contact us) playing different formats and having fun. Spring 2012 season will commence the end of Jan. Thanks for another great season

18 November 2011 - Rocktober coming up....

12 September 2011 - Ace

Lionel Lurie registers the first hole in 1 of the season on the old course 18th, a low and hard forehand drive that just cleared the long grass and skipped in for an ace. Enjoy your winnings.
Malcolm tore up the course yesterday with an incredible -6.

18 August 2011 - Away and racing

Ryan takes the lead in the league standings... yawn. The 2 Lionels are off to a great start too, conclusive proof that talking to your disc does indeed help.

The ace pool has climbed to over R100, we have slightly altered how the ace pool works, see the gudelines page for details


12 August 2011 - Season 2 kicks off

Our new season has got off to a great start with 17 registrations in the first week with more registrations expected this weekend. The new course with baskets has proven to be a tougher challenge, big Lionel had the best opening round carding par.


8 July 2011 - Disc Order

Shaun Esterhuizen will be doing a disc order from Discs Unlimited later this month, if you want to join in and save on the shipping costs please contact him asap.

05 July 2011 - Season 2 (Spring League) Schedule

The Spring League schedule has been loaded in the Guidelines section.


04 July 2011 - Teams & Pairs Results

The second of the July Team games played on the new course yesterday was a great success, with a bunch of new players joining in, hopefully to stay!

13th June 2011--Season 1 comes to an end.

We have finished our first season! 9 players managing to finish all the required games and a couple coming close (especially Gav and Andrew S). What was also suprising were how good the scores were! Final standings & average scores for season 1 (completed 10 rounds):

1. Ryan Males 51.1
2. Brad Smith 52.1
3. Malcolm Hogg 53.1 (2 Aces included, freak!)
4. Andrew Costas 53.5
5. Lionel Spilkin 54.3
6. Marc Lewis 55.1
7. Nic van Niekerk 56.4
8. Lionel Lourie 57.6
9. Mervyn Yan 65.9

Along with the finishers we introduced a couple of new people throughout the season and we look forward to the numbers growing for season 2.

Special thanks to Merv for being the webmaster for the season and to Malcolm for doing trophies/bag tags/keyrings.Both of you have done an awesome job.

We now have a month break from seriaaaz league (SA Open will happen in this time) We will play friendly games on weekends, this Sunday we will have fun doubles/team play at 14h30.We are also meeting at Paddy's after the game. If you want to be involved with the new season in any way join us for a chat and a drink as we work on roles for the new season, and how to make dgleague.co.za even better

Well done to all our super-star-sub-par-uber-golfers, but in the words of steady Ed Headrick; "He who has the most fun wins". As competitive as league play is, fun is still the goal we achieve every single game. Cant wait for season 2!


18th April 2011- first league ace

Another astounding achievement happened this weekend, Malcolm claims the league's first ever Hole-In-One! Combined with a 3-under round, it catapults him into 3rd place. Well done Mal!

Congratulations goes out to Gavin as well, posting a personal best of 65.


27th March 2011 - Ryan tears up the course

Ryan shoots a staggering 47 (-7) round on the Old Course to firmly challenge top spot in our debut league.

Congratulations Ryan, on an impressive score!

Quite a few contenders have missed the cut-off dates, but don't stress, there are many more days to play. Just make sure that you have played the required amount of games (min 5 per course) by the end of the league. Once you have enough games, your ranking will automatically be re-instated.


7th March 2011- Going!

After Week 6 our DG League is taking some shape. An incredible amount of position changes took place this week showing at this stage how much a good or a bad round can affect your standings. Brad and Ryan continue their ding-dong battle at the top.

The schedule has been extended with the numerous Public Holidays coming up. Be sure to check the Tables page for the dates and courses. Cut-offs dates are also listed so make sure you play the required rounds before the deadline.

Ryan has stock of new Discraft discs arriving soon.


31st January 2011- Go!

Our first league took place on Sunday the 30th of January, scores are uploaded, its going to be an interesting season.

Well done to the guys from SADGA for organising an awesome SA Open... brilliant. Its hopefully a step towards getting baskets installed permanently at Delta Park, a fun day for all.


1st Place: Lionel L E (par)
2nd Place: Brad +1
3rd Place: Martin & Ryan +2
Ladies: Marlise -2

Congratulations to Hilton and Andrew on winning the end of year Social Doubles' Tournament.